Pasquier Brioche Loaf, Sliced

Authentic French brioche. France's no. 1 Brioche bakery. 0 g trans fat. No preservatives. Gabriel Pasquier (Pas-kee-yay) started baking in 1936, in a picturesque village in Western France. His five sons have continued the family tradition, baking delicious brioche (Brioche (bree-ohsh): French origin - a light, sweet bun or roll made with eggs and butter. Tressee (tres-see): French meaning braided) now enjoyed around the world. Combining a passion for baking with original family recipes, and using their own traditional levain (starter), Brioche Pasquier is France's no. 1 brioche bakery. Our brioche loaf is generously sliced, so whether plain or toasted, just dab butter or seasonal jam for a satisfying treat. Delicious anytime snack. Try them as the perfect slices for quintessential french toast. Use for your favorite sandwich and create delicious combinations. Visit for additional recipes with Brioche Tressee. In France, brioche is often served at breakfast, or as a satisfying afternoon sweet treat accompanied with a favorite tea. Learn more about us at We would love to hear your feedback! Contact us at brioche at or call (800) 894-2881. Produced in France by Brioche Pasquier.