Franz Bake Shoppe Cookies, Ginger Snap, Crisp Baked

No high fructose corn syrup. Zero grams trans fat. Our little cookie monkey is busy as a bee, searching for recipes to please you and me. Mixing and stirring and baking with glee, so many options, oh what should it be? Little cookie monkey sits down in a chair, hoping an idea will appear to him there. He closes his eyes and thinks real hard, Soon he gets visions of playing in the yard. He remembers the fun he had running outback, and the aroma that stopped him right in his tracks. Cinnamon and spice, what was Mom baking? Gingersnap cookies, what I should be making! Facebook: Find us on Facebook - Franzbakery. Twitter: Find us on Twitter - (at)FranzBakery. Instagram: Find us on Instagram (at)FranzBakery. This package is sold by weight. The number of cookies may vary due to minor size differences.