Bengal Roach & Flea Fogger, Concentrated

Dry fog. No odor. No mess. Penetrates deeper to kill more bugs. Kills 24+ Types of Insects: Kills cockroaches, fleas, pre-adult fleas. Ticks, ants, spiders, lice and lice eggs, dust mites. Palmetto bugs, mosquitoes, flies, gnats, silverfish, crickets, clothes moths, granary weevils, scorpions, centipedes, waterbugs, whiteflies, wasps, hornets and bees. For use in homes, apartments, attics, basements, boats, cabins, campers, garages, household storage areas, kennels, washrooms, closed barns, horse stables, home greenhouses, trucks, atriums, closed porches, mobile homes, recreational vehicles and tents. When used as directed, will not harm drapes, upholstery fabrics, carpeting, bedspreads, clothing, linens, furniture, walls, floor tiles, wood floors, ceilings, shades or blinds. 3 cans treat up to 18,000 cu. ft. (2,250 sq. ft. with 8 ft. ceiling). Guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with this Bengal product, call 225-753-1313 weekdays, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm central time.