Established 1900. Seriously. Flavor: A strong, full-bodied, get-back-to-work coffee. Building the St. John's Bridge required a strong work ethic, a good stomach and a thermos full of Boyd's Coffee. Rainforest Alliance Certified. 30% certified coffee. Portland Oregon. The photo on this bag is right from our own back yard (not literally). If you'd like to know roughly where and when, visit 1900: P.D. Boyd starts delivering coffee door-to-door in Portland, Oregon. 1903: Orville Wright flies first airplane. No coffee served during flight. 1910: P.D. Boyd replaces horse and wagon for truck. Horse is relieved. 1920: Boyd's Coffee available in restaurants. Boyd's first to loan brewing equipment to restaurants. 1929: Stock market goes sideways. Tough economic times begin. Coffee becomes an affordable luxury. 1946: Rudy Boyd takes over his father's business. His personal coffee consumption goes way up. 1952: Elizabeth becomes Queen of England. Prefers tea to coffee. 1955: Boyd's introduces vacuum-packed coffee in tins. You know, for freshness. 1955: Veda Younger joins Boyd's eventually becomes vice president, coffee buyer and Rudy Boyd's right hand man. Except that she was a women. 1958: First trans-Atlantic jet service. This time, coffee is served. 1964: A very fertile year for Boyd's, they introduce Flav-R-Flo, a cone and paper filter pour-over system for the home. (And you thought pour-over was a recent craze). And they open the first specialty coffee shop. Yeah, that's right. 1965: Boyd's introduces the Northwest to espresso drinks. Productivity in Oregon rises every so slightly. 1966: Astoria Bridge completed, linking Washington and Oregon. Easier for Seattle coffee roasters to learn and borrow from Boyd's. 1969: Man lands on moon. That's a pretty big deal and deserves to be mentioned. Also, opportunity opens up for marketing coffee to other planets. 1975: David Boyd succeeds his father Rudy as the head of Boyd's Coffee. He is seen celebrating in a powder blue leisure suit. 1987: Boyd's invents the very first air pot brewing system. You're welcome. 1990: Boyd's begins selling organically grown coffee. About a decade before people would start jumping on the organic bandwagon. 1991: Dick Boyd takes the helm of the company his grandfather started. 1995: Boyd's invents the internet. Or maybe it was Al Gore. Or some smart computer scientists fueled by lots of coffee. 1999: Boyd's becomes the first American coffee roaster to import Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. That was important. 2011: Boyd's advertising starts showing up on billboards, reminding coffee drinkers that Boyd's has been around longer than billboards. Today: You become part of Boyd's history.