Smart Balance® Extra Virgin Olive Oil Buttery Spread 13 oz. Tub

64% vegetable oils. Supports healthy cholesterol levels (When used as part of a health diet low in saturated fat and that includes exercise and other physical activity) already in the normal range. 320 mg omega-3 ALA per serving. See nutrition information for fat & sat fat content. Based on 1 Tbsp Serving Size: Smart Balance: 60 calories; 2 g sat fat; 0 g animal sat fat; 2 g plant-based sat fat; 0 mg cholesterol; cooking. Butter: 100 calories; 7 g sat fat; 7 g animal sat fat 0 g plant-based sat fat; 30 mg cholesterol; cooking. Smart Move: Smart Balance is great for spreading; cooking; baking. 70% less fat than butter - butter 7 g sat fat per serv; this product 2 g sat fat per serv; tastes great; gluten free; excellent source of vitamin D (20%); 0 g trans fat - see nutrition information for fat & sat fat content. Excellent source of omega-3 ALA. Contains 320 mg ALA per serv, which is 20% of the 1.6 g DV for ALA. Clinical research has shown that the right blend of fats may improve your cholesterol ratio when at least 2/3 of your fat intake comes from this product or a properly balanced diet. Limit total fat to about 30% of calories (65 g per day); saturated fat to 10% of calories (20 g per day); and dietary cholesterol to 300 mg per day. Avoid trans fats. Regular exercise is essential. Visit: for great tips and recipes. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Not recycled in all communities.