Boyds Coffee, Ground, Organic, Red Wagon

Flavor: Smoky, sweet, with a smooth finish. Boyd's has been committed to delivering good, honest coffee since 1900 - usually in a red delivery truck. The trucks have changed, the commitment hasn't. USDA organic. Rainforest Alliance certified. Established 1900. Seriously. The photo on this bag is right from our own back yard (not literally). If you'd like to know roughly where and when, visit 1900: P.D. Boyd starts delivering coffee door-to-door in Portland, Oregon. 1903: Orville Wright flies first airplane. No coffee served during flight. 1910: P.D. Boyd replaces horse and wagon for truck. Horse is relieved. 1920: Boyd's Coffee available in restaurants. Boyd's first to loan brewing equipment to restaurants. 1929: Stock market goes sideways. Tough economic times begin. Coffee becomes an affordable luxury. 1946: Rudy Boyd takes over his father's business. His personal coffee consumption goes way up. 1952: Elizabeth becomes Queen of England. Prefers tea to coffee. 1955: Boyd's introduces vacuum-packed coffee in tins. You know, for freshness. 1955: Veda Younger joins Boyd's, eventually becomes vice president, coffee buyer and Rudy Boyd's right hand man. Except that she was a woman. 1958: First trans-Atlantic jet service. This time, coffee is served. 1964: A very fertile year for Boyd's, they introduce Flav-R-Flo, a cone and paper filter pour-over system for the home. (And you thought pour-over was a recent craze). And they open the first specialty coffee shop. Yeah, that's right. 1965: Boyd's introduces the Northwest to espresso drinks. Productivity in Oregon rises ever so slightly. 1966: Astoria Bridge completed, linking Washington and Oregon. Easier for Seattle coffee roasters to learn and borrow from Boyd's. 1969: Man lands on moon. That's a pretty big deal and deserves to be mentioned. Also, opportunity opens up for marketing coffee to other planets, 1975: David Boyd succeeds his father Rudy as the head of Boyd's Coffee. He is seen celebrating in a powder blue leisure suit. 1987: Boyd's invents the very first airport brewing system. You're welcome. 1990: Boyd's begins selling organically grown coffee. About a decade before people would start jumping on the organic bandwagon. 1991: Dick Boyd takes the helm of the company his grandfather started. 1995: Boyd's invents the Internet. Or maybe it was Al Gore. Or some smart computer scientists fueled by lots of coffee. 1999: Boyd's becomes the first American coffee roaster to import Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. That was important. 2011: Boyd's advertising starts showing up on billboards, reminding coffee drinkers that Boyd's has been around longer than billboards. Today: You become part of Boyd's history. Certified organic by QAI.