Martinelli's Gold Medal® Sparkling Apple-Grape 100% Juice 25.4 Fl Oz Glass Bottle

US grown fresh apples & grape concentrate. Contains no alcohol. Since 1868. US grown. Awarded by the California state agriculture society. S. Martinelli: Best apple cider 1890. Established in 1868, S. Martinelli & Company is a fifth generation family business in California's beautiful Pajaro Valley near Monterey Bay, where the cool coastal climate and fertile soils produce some of the world's most flavorful apples. More than 50 gold medals for product excellence have been awarded to Martinelli's Gold Medal apple juice products, including sparkling cider, the non-alcoholic version of our founder's original champagne cider. Please visit our website at for a complete list of our many varieties of sparkling 100% juices.