A Northwest original. Since 1911. Kindle the kid in you. Like that first ride on the Ferris wheel, Fisher brings back the thrill of childhood. Remember pulling each other in wagons around the block, playing in your tree house, saving up for a penny-candy binge, making the annual pilgrimage to the fair? A tradition dating back to the early 1900s, our famous Fisher Fair Scones serve as the signature food attraction at state and local fairs across the Northwest, with fresh-baked goodness in every bite. Smeared with whipped butter and local raspberry jam, our original scone recipe continues its record as a crowd pleaser. Fisher believes in simply prepared recipes created from high-quality, natural ingredients. Our products nurture families while promoting sustainable farming practices that honor the earth. Celebrating 100 years of yum! Share Fisher with your friends and family today. Just add water. For more recipes, visit