El Guapo Ground Annatto (Achiote Molido), 2 oz

Ground Annatto (Achiote Molido) is a vibrant red seasoning ground from the seeds of the achiote tree. It is used throughout Latin America to give dishes a rich yellow-orange color and earthy, peppery flavor. In Mexican cooking, ground annatto is mixed with garlic, oregano, chiles and other spices into paste for rubbing on meat, including the Yucatan slow-roasted pork dish, cochinita pibil. Annatto adds bright color and subtle flavor to sofrito, marinades, stews, tamale masa, rice, beans and chorizo. Ground Annatto is one of the many products offered by El Guapo and you can be confident that they are of the highest quality. For the past 30 years, El Guapo has provided ingredients to make delicious, authentic Mexican meals for your family.