C&H® Baker's Sugar™ Ultrafine Pure Cane Sugar 4 lb. Carton

Ultrafine Pure Cane Sugar. Easy pour carton. C&H finest sugar. Blends and dissolves faster & smoother. Recommended by professional chefs. For baking, blending & beverages. Measures the same as regular white sugar. Ultrafine, professional-grade sugar made for people who like to bake. The finest sugar you can buy. Unlike ordinary granulated sugars, the ultrafine grain size of C&H Baker's Sugar is much, much finer. It's painstakingly screened to make sure the crystal size is remarkably uniform and is the highest grade of pure cane sugar available. If you thought all sugar was pretty much alike, you'll be amazed at how much you'll like this sugar. What a difference it makes. Because of its velvety soft texture, Baker's Sugar mixes, blends, dissolves and melts more quickly and evenly. Creaming sugar with butter now takes half the time. And the results are impeccable. You get a fine, delicate crumb, even browning and no graininess. It's the perfect sugar for caramelizing, for glazes, for angel food cakes and meringues. And try adding it to drinks and beverages. Since 1961, C&H has produced Baker's Sugar, professional-grade cane sugar for demanding professional bakers and chefs, sold only to the professional trade. Over time, more and more of our regular customers, serious home bakers and occasional cooks alike, heard about the velvety texture and purity of Baker's Sugar and began asking for it. Now, try this special sugar in your own home in cakes, glazes, meringues, and cookies or even in a refreshing glass of iced tea. If your a baker this is your sugar. Approx. 9 cups.