Sinto Gourmet Kimchi, Korean Mu Radish, Spicy Red

Probiotic. Raw. Vegan. Our pouch is BPA & phthalate free! Certified gluten-free. Non GMO Project verified. About This Pouch: This Ferment-O-Vent valve allows our Kimchi to breathe, with room for healthy bacteria to grow. With far fewer resources to produce, package, and transport, and being fully recyclable in most states, this pouch dramatically reduces our carbon footprint. And it keeps Kimchi safe to eat since all material is free of BPA and phthalates. Do you Kimchi? Known as Kkakdugi in Korean, radish Kimchi has a unique and crunchy texture and invigorating flavor. It pairs especially well with soups and stews, but a spoonful of this Kimchi juice will brighten up and add a kick to any dish you prepare. Enjoy! Pickled radish slices make a good summer side dish. Radish preserved in salt is a winter side dish. From start to end the roots in the earth grow plumper everyday. Harvesting after the frost, a slice cut by knife tastes like a pear. - Hyunjoo Albrecht, Owner/Chef of Sinto Gourmet LLC. Kimchi every day! Top it on pizza, hot dogs, salads, tacos, pasta. Stuff it in hamburgers, grilled cheese, sandwiches, dumplings, omelettes, rolls, wraps. Side it with grains, steak, fish, soup, noodles. Drink it! Kimchi juice is full of live probiotics and other healthy goodies. Bottoms up! Cook it! Kimchi fried rice anyone? Check out yummy recipes at Handmade in San Francisco.