Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Frozen II Shapes Dinner, 5.5 oz Box

No artificial flavors. Per 1/2 Box Unprepared: 250 calories; 0.5g sat fat (4% DV); 480 mg sodium (21%DV); 7g total sugars. See nutrition facts panel for as prepared. No artificial preservatives. No artificial dyes. This product sold by weight; not volume. Some settling of contents may have occurred during handling. Even more reasons to love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinner! The same ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness you now and love now comes in fun Disney Frozen II shapes! Visit us at:; 1-800-847-1997. Please have package available. Learn more at Carton made from 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 35% post-consumer content. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner in Fun ShapesFeeling hungry and bored together? Kraft is now having a solution for you. Grab Macaroni and Cheese Dinner latest range of fun filled shapes in your favorite SpongeBob Square Pants shape. Tantalize your taste buds with the enticing cheese sauce with a hint of paprika to excite your day with happiness. Grin and square it with SpongeBob and collect all 3 Trivia Cards on back of the pack. Crafted with care and precision from USA for the people who love their SpongeBob and have impressive imagination just like of their Spongy boy, oh buoy!Exciting Love at First Spongy BiteImagine sitting with a bowl filled with velvety textured cream and lip-licking pasta with SpongeBob Square Pants. Isn't it amusing to visualize it? Yes with a bowl filled with SpongeBob, wrapped in yummy cheese sauce is tempting and once you will start eating, you cannot resist the temptation and extravagant taste. Get in love with the creamy - cheesy aromatized air magnetizing you with the healthy Macaroni and Cheese Dinner in SpongeBob shape.