Bare Bones Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth 16 oz Pouch

Gels when chilled. Think outside the box: When we began sipping homemade broth in 2013, it became a life-changing obsession that we wanted to share with the world. So we found a way to create a fresh-from-the-pot experience that's never been available in packaged broth until now. The pouch you're holding uses high-pressure and steam to protect and preserve what's inside until opened by you. At Bare Bones, we're thinking outside the box to infuse your day with essential goodness and exceptional taste without compromise. We're so proud that you can now experience broth as it was meant to be! Ryan & Kate Harvey, husband & wife founders. Essential goodness nothing else. Grass-fed beef bones. No added hormones. Slowly simmered 18+ hours. Perfect for cooking & sipping. BPA free.