Sun Luck Rice, Calrose, Niko Niko

US no. 1 - Extra fancy. A Sun Luck family product. Easy cooking directions on back. Niko Niko Calrose Rice is a medium grain rice grown in California. It is a US number 1 grade which means there are less than 4% broken kernels of rice. Niko Niko Calrose Rice is shorter and thicker than long grain rice and will have a soft, tender texture when cooked. It is white, creamy in color and well-hulled. Niko Niko Calrose Rice is a healthy and nutritious food. The rice is low in sodium and essentially fat-free; it is non-allergenic and is easily digested. Niko Niko Calrose Rice is composed of carbohydrates, protein, and iron. All this for about 100 calories per half cup serving.