TWIZZLERS NIBS Licorice Flavored Chewy Candy, Low Fat, 6 oz, Bag

These tasty bits may be small, but they're mighty on licorice flavor and fun! Sometimes you don't need a full-size candy to feel satisfied. For moments like this, TWIZZLERS NIBS licorice-flavored chewy candies are the perfect go-to snack or dessert. Pack a few in your lunchbox, break out the bag after dinner or have some in your candy jar for a random sweet treat. These bite-size chewy candies are fun bits of licorice-flavored joy that you can pack for a picnic or road trip or eat during a movie night or family get-together. A delectable low-fat kosher snack, these treats are easy to pop into your mouth, especially if you're on the go. Without being too bold, you can add these perfectly sized confections to top off your other desserts. Don't be afraid to try new recipes too! Maybe add a few TWIZZLERS NIBS candies to a pudding dessert or on top of your cake icing. You're sure to love these sweets nibble by nibble on Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter or any ordinary day with snacking moments.