Gum Flossers, Crayola, Twistables, Fluoride Coated, 3 Fruit

3 twisted fruit flavors. Floss with a twist! Longer handle for more comfort and control. Fluoride coated floss. Gum brand is recommended by Dental Professionals. Gum Crayola Twistables Flossers a fun way to floss: 3 twisted fruit flavors to choose from - melon, grape or apple to vary the fun and keep your child flossing; fluoride coated floss - helps prevent cavities and cleans between teeth to improve gum health; the floss is designed to reduced shredding and slide easily between teeth; longer handle provides more comfort and control for the little hands. Also available: Twistables toothbrush. Quality Guarantee: Sunstar Americas, Inc. guarantee the quality of this Crayola product. If this product does not perform properly, contact us in the US at 1-800-777-3101, (M-Th 7 am - 6 pm and Friday 7 am - 5 pm CT). Made in China.