Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal

Since 1908. 100% Natural hardwood. The original lump charcoal. The gourmet's choice. Better than briquets! Delicious Flavor: Lazzari mesquite wood charcoal burns hotter than briquets. The higher cooking temperature sears the outside of the food, retaining natural juices and succulence, while savory mesquite wood smoke brings out the very best flavor in grilled foods. All Natural, No Chemical or Additives: Lazzari mesquite wood charcoal, a five-hundred year old tradition of the Southwest, is handmade from the mesquite tree, the premium grilling hardwood of the world. This natural charcoal contains no chemical additives, fillers, coal or petroleum by products. It is simply 100% natural wood from the mesquite tree. Ecologically Responsible: In keeping with our desire to support responsible management of the earth's natural resources and ecosystems, we carefully prune the mesquite tree and selectively thin clustered and dead trees. Lazzari's pioneering technique is a model for the conservation of arid land ecosystems and habitats. The Gourmet's Choice: The natural freshness of 100% pure mesquite wood charcoal produces a grill of incomparable flavor! Turn a barbecue into a gourmet meal with Lazzari Mesquite Wood Charcoal! Product of Mexico.