Calorie Content (ME Calculated): 3,325 kcal/kg; 94 kcal/oz 8 inches - 9 inches. Veterinarian recommended. Premium. Digest faster, easier & smarter. Patent pending easy-digest grid design. Featuring fast-flavor release (Fast flavor release is caused by strategically placed holes of an optimal size allowing the dog's saliva to simultaneously penetrate and fully envelop more accessible areas) for a tasty and safer beef hide chew! Long lasting. Our patent pending easy-digest grid design uses breakthrough technology that strategically places small holes throughout the chew, allowing it to soften and digest significantly faster and easier than traditional raw making it a safer rawhide chew. These same holes allow a dog's saliva to simultaneous penetrate and fully envelop more accessible area for fast-flavor release and ultimate satisfaction! Going the extra mile for the love & safety of our dogs everywhere! Smart Hide Compared to traditional raw hide. More than 90% digestible. 100% all natural beef hide. Grass-fed, free-range cattle. Helps clean teeth (Through mechanical action). Visit us at: Product of Columbia