Oakdell Eggs, Brown, Large

Cage free eggs. No hormones (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in the production of shell eggs). No antibiotics. Thank you for purchasing these locally produced, made-in-the-USA, beautiful cage-free brown eggs from Oakdell egg farms. With the re-introduction of our cage-free eggs, we're returning to a similar animal care and production method used when our family farm began, four generations, and over 100 years ago. No hormones or antibiotics are used in the production of these eggs. Large cage free dozen. Grade AA. www.oakdell.com. Eat right, exercise as your doctor allows, and enjoy these eggs. Your comments are always welcome by calling us at 801-298-4556, sending correspondence to PO Box 540298; North Salt Lake, UT 84054-0298, or by visiting our web site at: www.oakdell.com.