Pedialyte Peach Mango Electrolyte Solution 33.8 fl oz

No. 1 doctor recommended brand for hydration. Abbott. With immune support. Designed for fast, effective rehydration. Key nutrients for immune support (Nutrients include zinc, selenium, and magnesium). Pedialyte is designed to prevent dehydration (For mild to moderate dehydration) more effectively common beverages. Level per Liter: Pedialyte immune support; Pedialyte Advanced Care; Pedialyte & Pedialyte Advanced Care; Sports drink; Soda; 100% apple juice; Water. Electrolyte sodium in Pedialyte compared to common beverages. Pedialyte quickly replenishes fluids and replaces more of the electrolytes you may lose from dehydration due to: Vomiting & diarrhea; heat exhaustion; intense exercise; travel.