Tieton Cider Works Cider, Bourbon Barrel Peach, Semi-Sweet

Naturally gluten-free. Age in bourbon barrels. Dry fly distilling. From our orchards to your glass. Flavor Profile: sweet; medium; dry. We make cider because we love growing the fruit that goes into every glass. Around here it's all about the trees, the fruit and where our land sits in the Yakima Valley. Add to that a naturally curious farmer on a quest for that unique blend of cider apples to make the magic you will find in every glass. Bourbon Barrel Peach Cider (Semi-Sweet). Tasting Notes: Juice from hand-picked Washington State peaches is married with the richness of Dry Fly bourbon barrels. This creates the perfect balance of sweet, ripe peaches and tartness of green apples. The charred oak of bourbon barrels gives this cider a deep vanilla and plum character. A touch of oak tannin finishes this cider off perfectly. tietoniciderworks.com. Visit the pairings page on our website for creative ideas for pairing our ciders: tietoniciderworks.com. 6.9% alcohol by volume. 13.8